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The Challenge

  • Young Professionals are unfamiliar with career pathways and companies.
  • Companies face rapid changes and need access to quality talent.
  • Education Institutions are uninformed about employers' needs.
  • With CUEDIn,
  • Young professionals engage with career resources featuring regional employers and jobs.
  • Employers partner with educational institutions to build a talent pipeline of qualified candidates much like a professional sports team.
  • Institutions connect with and track students while developing partnerships with employers.
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The Process

Video Library
A go-to video library for prospective candidates featuring an overview of your company, internships, apprenticeships, job opportunities, and more video content.
An experience is a posting from an employer that allows students, young professionals, and educators to pre-register to have a meet and greet with professionals in their industry of interest. This session could be 10 minutes or longer depending on the topic and number of registered attendees.
An expo consists of a live virtual session that is ~15-25 minutes long. This event might have material that involves the attendees' participation to assist with understanding your industry. It can help promote various departments within your organization to help students and career seekers understand your industry. This could include one or more employers.
Advertise job openings and work-based learning experiences, and direct job postings to certain users within the platform.

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