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The power of video.

Meeting the next generation of talent where they are most comfortable, with a platform designed to engage them.


Talent Pipelines, Like Professional Sports Teams

We provide a framework that’s similar to a successful professional sports team by unlocking access to a quality regional talent pipeline, through video.


Create an Account

As an employer, you can create a free account to connect to one institution. Upgrade to post in the global CUEDIn network!


Post Influencing Content

Post videos, articles, and job opportunities to students and young professionals that showcase the various departments and pathways.


Showcase your Winning Team

Your organization is made up of many departments, from C-Suite to entry level. Join us on live events and let’s showcase your company.

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Build a talent pipeline, just like a professional sports team does.

Join our platform to engage, scout, and hire quality talent. All seamlessly.

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Transform your recruiting strategy

Start recruiting through video. Backfill future positions with qualified, familar prospects when they are ready.

Manage applications

Track your potential workforce per location and engagement.

Partner with organizations

Post positions to one or more instutions or organizations.

Invite team members

Send invitations to hiring manager or team members.

Connect Videos

Link your current videos to your profile for users to engage with.

Post to All Users

Showcase your multimedia to every generation of talent.

Applicant Tracking System

Connect your postings to your ATS for a seamless integration.

Job Opportunities

Post your job opportunities with content or an engaging video.

Company Pathways

Showcase the various career paths that users can follow.

What kind of employers should join?

We are inviting employers who value their employees and invest time, money, and energy to further grow them into a better candidate.

Quality Employers are...

  • Dependable
  • Caring
  • Mission Minded
  • Employee Focused

Quality Candidates are not...

  • Dishonest
  • Thoughtless
  • Pointless
  • Forceful

Not sure yet?

No worries, we understand. Ask us to send you a reminder email in a few days. Or, you can always chat with a friendly CUEDIn team member about any questions you might have.

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