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Eliminating Career Confusion

Letting your job guide your eduction

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Building Bridges

by helping candidates and employers generate quality career connections.


“This new pathway, “Going Pro Early” will however offer an important new route for many students to earn their college credentials at less cost, while learning workplace skills that the classroom can only hope to replicate, not to mention relationships that can only be built in a work environment.”

Brandon Busteed
Chief Partnership Office and Global Head - Kaplan

The CuedIn


Don’t waste your time

Start to connect early.

As a candidate or employer there are many redundant sites to explore, engage, and apply. We eliminate the confusion on our platform to build career relationships.

A better

Return on Investment.

Start exploring reasonable careers and the quickest way to getting hired. Don’t waste precious money on a path that doesn’t lead to a resonable salary.

Building the bridge to

A brighter future.

We keep things simple on our platform so everyone is informed about salary, culture, skills, and resources.

The Old Way

Job Cycle


  • Where do you post a job or engage talent
  • Receive hundrends or no applications
  • The quality of candidates varies
  • Reviewing applicants is time consuming


  • Constantly change resume to fit job
  • Input the same information continuously
  • Don't know timeline of application process
  • Get random emails

What does this mean?

CUEDIn eliminates the confusion between the learn and earn by helping candidates see the steps to starting a successful career at a quality company by making it easier to connect on our platform and apply through our common app.

I'm a...


Meet, explore, and let us guide you throughout your career journey.


Cultivate, build, and engage quality talent locally, on one platform.


Connect your programs, students, or workforce to local employers.

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