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CUEDIn is an online platform where a person’s talents, skills, and abilities are connected to local employers’ pathways.

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It’s never too late to start connecting to talent, employers, and institutions.

Career Seekers
Start building a network of connections at a young age by learning from professionals and connecting to employment opportunities
Develop young talent, enhance partner relationships, hire quality.
Engage industry and community partners for youth and young professional programs.

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Ways to Use Cued-In

There are many ways to utilize CUEDIn within your community...

Let’s be real, during this time we all need to find better ways to connect. How about we start within our region?
Mentor or connect with one or more students who are on their career journey.
Put your videos, photos, and content where it counts. Push this media to a younger demographic to start building your pipeline.
From employers to career seekers we have it all. We can provide you with regional workforce data to grow your economy.
Job Searching
Search local employers with local jobs. Get to know their employees from connections within our platform.
Reduce your cost of hiring and increase your productivity by connecting to quality talent.