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One place to manage all your connections. Share resources like videos, promote opportunities, support employers, and engage young professionals all through your local platform.

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Local Professionals Hire Regional Students

We provide the tools that allow your students, candidates, or future workforce to accelerate their careers by directly engaging with employers, all through video.


Create an Account

As an organization, you can connect your students with employers and even recruit others to join your organization on CUEDIn.


Build your Organization

By uploading and centrally managing courses, your organization makes it simple for employers to connect them to their job opportunity posts.


Establish Partnerships

Our platform allows you to invite your existing partners or connect with new organizations that can help grow the range of your services.

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Career Toolkit

Access the infrastructure needed to help young professionals develop their career skills through video.

Career Broadcast

Showcase different career pathways within your organization to young professionals through video and track engagement.


Gain short-term and long-term data and deep insights on hiring success, fulfilled opportunities, and career pathway effectiveness.

Industry Trends

Understand prevalent industry trends and your partnering organizations’ hiring needs through our internal analytics.

Want to connect your partners

Our platform provides the foundation to customize it for your users needs. Add surveys, track hiring outcomes and manager feedback, or let your tool be the resource hub for your community.

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Transform your recruiting strategy

Start recruiting through video. Backfill future positions with qualified, familar prospects when they are ready.

Manage applications

Track your potential workforce per location and engagement.

Partner with organizations

Post positions to one or more instutions or organizations.

Invite team members

Send invitations to hiring manager or team members.

Connect Videos

Link your current videos to your profile for users to engage with.

Post to All Users

Showcase your multimedia to every generation of talent.

Applicant Tracking System

Connect your postings to your ATS for a seamless integration.

Job Opportunities

Post your job opportunities with content or an engaging video.

Company Pathways

Showcase the various career paths that users can follow.

CUEDIn has been instrumental in helping Rockingham County Public School students investigate career pathways. Our partnership with CUEDIn has provided our students and teachers with a link to local employers and career opportunities. The work that CUEDIn has provided us with direct contact to local business and industry.

Eric Fitzgerald

Director, Career and Technical Education

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Frequently asked questions

Where is CUEDIn located?
We are located in the state of Virginia and are hyper-focused on connecting quality candidates and employers locally. If you are located outside of Virginia, contact us.
What’s included in data tracking?
We track hires, start dates, pay ranges, and feedback from management. Other data collection points include trending jobs, skills, and pathways, along with student success once they graduate.
What’s included in the free account?
The free account includes student management, employer-partner invitations, and basic hiring data gathered from young professionals within your organization on CUEDIn.
Does the platform secure my students’ info?
Yes! Our platform is fully secured and protects your student information. Please take a minute to read our Security Statement for more details.
How can I foster new partnerships?
We allow you to invite your current partners and reach out to more employers and associated organizations within CUEDIn.
Do students/employers cost extra?
No. There is no cost to add students or employers when working within your organization. However, a Subscription is available to employers who want to engage everyone within the platform.

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