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We are a community platform that connects talent to opportunity through an alternative educational path where users engage, connect, and build with video.

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CUEDIn is revolutionizing how forward-thinking employers engage and recruit Generation Z talent all through video. We have built a platform that leverages video and data to find and qualify vetted candidates for employers, giving them a competitive edge. Our solution provides employers and candidates the means to engage, connect, and influence through video.

Our network consists of people who love what they do actively helping others find what they love to do.

With CUEDIn, employers are engaging quality talent early on, allowing them to shape their ideal candidate months or even years before they are hireable. They use novel approaches such as virtual meet and greet events, digital pathways, showcasing departments and offices through multimedia, and designing bespoke training programs. The innovative software, data analytics tools, and intelligence techniques that CUEDIn develops provide insightful value that our stakeholders leverage when developing talent pipelines early on. We are building the way to recruit for the future by copying the professional sports team model to build a winning team.

Candidates utilize CUEDIn's portfolio to send various careers photos and videos to employers. Our platform is a common application for all users to apply for recommended jobs. No need to fill out multiple applications, submit your portfolio to employers to review your career content.

Education and Recruiting Reimagined

As education and the workforce continue to evolve, CUEDIn is at the forefront of innovation by bringing candidates and companies together through a local video platform. We are building bridges to a debt free education where employers promote their “learn and earn” programs. These opportunties leads to a fulfilling career by providing a solid career foundation.

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The world of work, engaging, and finding a career is changing. Don’t take our word for it. Look at the stats from the past years!

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