We are CUEDIn...

CUEDIn’s recruiting strategy links quality candidates to employers and allows employers to inform candidates of the skills and education necessary to enter their industry. We then enable educators to guide their students and young professional into these programs and pathways.

Through CUEDIn’s platform...
Employers can engage quality talent early on, allowing them to shape their ideal employee months or years before they are hired.

What we do

CUEDIn aims to bridge the gap between education and business. It’s hard for educators to keep up with the speed of industry change. Now is the time to transform the way we educate, train, develop, engage, recurit, and hire talent. One of the best ways to do this is by engaging students and young professionals at an early age. By giving students opportunities, relationships are built and communities thrive.

We ultilize a professional sports team recruiting model. By developing talent at an early age, students can see if they are on the right track and employers have the information they need to recruit a quality candidate.

Our Values

We actively listen so we can serve each other, our partners, and the communities.
We innovate with our customers for tomorrows’ brighter future.
Whatever we do, we strive to be honest and respectable to all.


CUEDIn is a team of experienced professionals who strive to meet the challenges of our changing workforce and educational systems. We provide the resources to allow students and young professionals to RESEARCH careers to discover their potential, enable educators to REACH the future workforce and empower employers to RECRUIT quality talent.

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