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Finding and applying for a job is boring. We provide a video first platform to explore careers and submit your career videos, helping you build a rewarding, brighter future.


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Young professionals are connecting with top regional employers and opportunities everyday on our platform. They’re launching their futures.


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As a candidate, you can create a free account that will allow you to explore career opportunities and apply to them quickly.


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Use your account to build relationships with local employers and find careers. The CUEDIn platform is designed to foster relationships and get you hired.


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We curate only the finest opportunities and companies for you. Pick the best team locally and start your exciting new career path.

A better way to start your career journey.

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Young professionals just like you have the chance to engage with career resources featuring employers and their career opportunities, all in your region.

Guided mentoring

Let’s be honest. You might be unfamiliar with career pathway opportunities or what companies to apply for. We guide you so you can discover a career that’s meant for you.

Premium Local Quality

Our employer partners look for motivated, high-quality talent. Discover and apply to premium opportunities that are only available to candidates on our platform.

Common Application

Your profile provides the application to all employers’ positions within the platform. By completing your profile, you can apply to all opportunities with one click.

What kind of career seeker, candidate, or student should join?

We are inviting individuals who are quality candidates to join. We have heard from quality employers on a perfect candidate that will succeed in their career and life.

Quality Employers are...

  • Flexible
  • Coachable
  • Trustworthy
  • Enthusiastic

Quality Candidates are not...

  • Lazy
  • Uncoachable
  • Uninterested
  • Inconsistent


We care about your future.

Join the platform that cares about your goals and will help you discover opportunities that can enable a future career path.

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Not sure yet?

No worries, we understand. Ask us to send you a reminder email in a few days. Or, you can always chat with a friendly CUEDIn team member about any questions you might have.

Frequently asked questions

Is CUEDIn free or do I have to pay?
CUEDIn is free for all candidate. You can access and watch employer videos, participate in live/recorded sessions with their departments, and get connected to an institution to advance your career.
What employers are on your platform
The employers on our platform are within the industries of manufacturing, construction, and health care. We want to showcase the various unknown career paths within companies. A fabricating or construction company may have marketing, accounting, IT or other departments that might appeal to you.
What is a candidate?
We call users exploring job opportunites within our platform candidate. This can be anyone (a student, career switcher) from ages 13-30 who is looking to find a local job or explore their regional employers.
Where are your employers located?
Our employers are currently spread across the state of Virginia. We are expanding our network in the future to include other states since some of these employers have multiple offices across the country.

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