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About Us

CUED-In is a team of experienced professionals who strive to meet the challenges of our changing workforce and educational systems. With our innovative platform, we help candidates RESEARCH careers to discover their potential, enable educators to REACH the future workforce and empower employers to RECRUIT quality talent.

We want to provide a safe environment for your students to research careers and allow them to apply for job opportunities. While CUEDIn makes every effort to verify the employers represented in the system, users (students and young professionals seeking a career) of CUEDIn assume the responsibility of using this resource in accordance to the professional standards and ethical practices outlined by the Career and Technical Program (CTE) from their institution, Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI) and the Department of Education (DOE).

What is an Opportunity

As referred to within the CUEDIn system, an “opportunity” includes a range of career opportunities: full or part-time employment, internship, youth apprenticeship, job shadowing, facility tours, cooperative education, and more. These positions can be paid or unpaid, on-site, virtual, and/or hybrid depending on what the employer offers.

The Why

The CUEDIn team and the network includes a user group of employers, schools, institutions, providers and professionals providing resources and tools that are vetted and help your student develop their professional skills. CUEDIn aims to support students in career exploration, preparation, and connecting to local career opportunities.


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